The investment-focused advisor can realize efficiencies from a more narrow service offering, but may be giving up a stronger client relationship if not offering comprehensive service.  

The cornerstone of a successful financial practice depends on the ability to deliver objective and personalized financial planning services.


We offer advisory programs ranging from sophisticated global allocation to innovative alternative investment approaches.


Flexibility in product offerings with access to variable and fixed insurance products, underwriting expertise, creative case design, and education.


A comprehensive menu of investment products including Mutual Funds, Annuities, General Securities, and Alternative Investments.


Plan | Financial Planning

Organize • Analyze • Prepare

Many advisors realize that the overall success of their professional practice depends on the ability to deliver objective and personalized financial planning services. LifeMark Securities, through the utilization of advanced financial planning software provides our advisors with just that ability. 

Leveraging sophisticated technology and a comprehensive approach, advisors can provide deeper insights to solving client's most challenging issues. Individual plans are based on a client's specific and unique circumstance, addressing a single concern or the most complex planning issues.

For more information, contact our friendly staff at fp@lifemark.com.

Advise | Corporate RIA 

Innovative solutions for a flexible advisory practice

LifeMark's Corporate RIA Program provides advisors with the institutional power and flexibility needed to develop an advisory practice.  We offer a top-tier menu of fee-based options, complete operational support, with fair and transparent client pricing.

Our advisory program provides access to Single Manager Accounts (SMA’s), as well as the ability to create fully customized solutions through our APM© platform.  Advisors will have the tools necessary to combine multiple strategic and tactical strategies, creating sophisticated global allocations to innovative alternative investment composites, through an extensive selection of ETF’s and mutual funds.

Our lineup of strategic partners includes institutional and alternative managers such as:  BlackRock, Clark Capital, Horizon Investments, State Street Global Advisors, Symmetry Partners, Morningstar, and Vanguard to name a few...


Benefits of the LifeMark Corporate RIA Program include:


Assistance transitioning to a fee-based practice

Third-party investment managers

Improved advisor time management and operation efficiency

Avoiding client billing and back office headaches


We are committed to offering solid well-respected Third Party Managers of the highest quality.

To learn more about the opportunities available through LifeMark's RIA Program, send us an email at ria@lifemark.com.

Protect | Insurance

Underwriting Results and Marketing Expertise

Even with regard to fixed insurance, LifeMark respects the need for flexibility in product offerings and provides access to numerous insurance products, underwriting expertise, creative case design, marketing support, and education to the independent agent community.

As an independent broker/dealer, LifeMark recognizes its representatives' autonomy to place traditional fixed business with whatever agency they choose, but still provides them with the opportunity to process this business if it is their desire.

For more information on how LifeMark can help you process traditional insurance products, contact your supervising principal directly or email info@lifemark.com.

Invest | Broker Dealer

Providing traditional product offerings since 1983

LifeMark first and foremost recognizes and understands the autonomy of an Independent Financial Service Professional. The Independent Representative plays a vital role in financial services that cannot be provided by large broker/dealers. We honor and respect the need for flexibility and product offerings, and provide access to over 100 insurance and mutual fund companies. This allows our representatives to serve the clients' ever changing needs. 


In addition to Mutual Funds and Annuities, LifeMark clears its general securities trading through National Financial Services LLC, a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments.

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