Why LifeMark?

We Believe

An enduring relationship with a client is built on principles of financial stewardship whereby we assume the duty of care of the people and assets that are entrusted to us.  The values, character and personal integrity of every member of our firm is what defines who we are and how we serve.  Our actions distinguish us from our competitors.
We understand and accept the solemn duty of being trusted advisors and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.  Our firm is built on ideals of moral and ethical corporate governance which are demonstrated in our industry-leading policies and conduct since our inception in 1983.

We Promise

  1. We are knowledgeable, competent and expert in all areas in which we work.  The advice you receive is prudent, diligent and the same advice we would give a member of our own families.
  2. At all times, we act in your best interest - plain and simple.  Our purpose is to render sound advice to help you achieve your financial goals.
  3. Our fees are fair and transparent.  We will clearly and plainly review all costs of products and/or services we recommend.  Upon your request, we will explain the source and amount of our compensation.
  4. When you call our headquarters you get to speak with real people who will greet you in a friendly and helpful manner - not a computer.
  5. We will take all the time needed to explain the products or services we recommend to you.  We will only proceed with a transaction when you indicate that you have a clear understanding and all your questions have been answered.