LifeMark Achieves Yet Another Industry First !!

In June of 2013 LifeMark Securities became the first Broker/Dealer to complete firm wide training of the GFS curriculum.


GFS Designation (Global Financial Steward)

The GFS® is the first and only professional designation that integrates fiduciary best practices with leadership and stewardship behaviors in providing financial services.

The GFS is based on Behavioral Governance - a new body of research that examines the interrelationships between leadership, stewardship, and governance (fiduciary responsibility). It’s the follow-on to Behavioral Finance, except now the focus is on the conduct of the advisor or trustee, instead of the individual investor.

The GFS combines fiduciary best practices with the groundbreaking academic and scientific research that is being conducted in Neuro-leadership – now think, Neuro-fiduciary. With the help of neuroscience, we now know how accelerate the development of fiduciaries and increase their retention of mission critical concepts.

To earn the GFS, candidates must undergo 12 hours of blended learning consisting of:

• Classroom or online training •

• Self-study – using the Behavioral Governance Resource Center •

• Self-assessments - using the Behavioral Governance psychometric instruments •

• Self-reflection - using the Behavioral Governance Journal for frequent and periodic exposure to mission critical content •

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